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Where we find Orion Solar at Work

Ashton Coal, Hunter Valley Australia

Previously the mine site had to run generators during the hours of darkness in order to provide lighting to their truck fill stations. This was costly, time consuming and unreliable.

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Balaklava Park, South Australia

The Wakefield Council in South Australia were looking for a lighting solution for the town park which would put light on the ground for the pathways . The attraction of Orion Solar's bollards was that they were easy to install, requiring no trenching or cabling.

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BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Newman, Western Australia

BHP chose to use Orion's solar lighting solution to light movable crew boarding ramps. The end result was a solution that catered for the ramps not always facing the sun.

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Central City Parking Lot

With a desire to operate their car park in an environmentally friendly manner, the solution put forward to the owners met all their expectations for a reliable low maintenance and green solution.

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Housing Complex Meeting Renewable Energy Mandates

An example of how a housing complex dealt with an unreliable power grid supply that was also difficult to access and managed to meet renewable energy mandates with solar street lighting

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Kedron Brook Bikeway, Brisbane

With pathways and bikeways meandering through 110 square kilometres of land, Brisbane City Council sought a lighting solution that provided safety and reduced vandalism in an area that had no power supply. Orion was able to provide just what was needed.

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Power Generating Station Gains Security with Solar

Power stations face a security mandate that requires facilities to ensure their emergency systems – including outdoor lighting – can operate even in the unlikely event of power failure. Perimeter fence lighting is one of these emergency systems and Solar powered lights offers an ideal solution.

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Transport And Main Roads, Queensland, Australia

To meet the demands of difficult and expensive locations for providing highway street lights, the Qld Government have chosen Orion as supplier of solar powered street lights for remote highways locations.

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Our Suppliers

We have partnered with Carmanah Technologies to offer our customers solar-powered LED outdoor lighting for roadways, parking lots, parks, and other areas. Carmanah and its subsidiary, Sol Inc., have provided solar LED solutions since 1990, and has installed over 75,000 systems in over 60 countries on six continents.

With solar-powered products on the rise internationally, many customers are dissatisfied with improperly sized and low-quality products. Thanks to experienced engineering and manufacturing, Carmanah’s product quality and specifications are among the best in the industry. What makes Carmanah one of the top companies?

  • Premium, quality-tested components for a long-lasting product
  • Customized systems properly configured to each location, ensuring long-term reliability
  • World-class customer support and warranty
As a preferred partner, we have been technically trained and are highly qualified to deliver on Carmanah’s expertise in solar outdoor lighting. We can offer reduced technical and commercial risk, strong local support, and peace of mind.    

Official Carmanah Illumination Partner 2016