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Kedron Brook Bikeway, Brisbane

Kedron Brook Bikeway, Brisbane

Project Summary

End User
Brisbane City Council

42 x EverGEN SE-20 Current equivalent is the EG-40


  • Pathway lighting without power.
  • No running costs and lower maintenance costs.
  • Dark sky friendly.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Operating Profile
Split night 5hr 25% 2hr


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 The Kedron Brook is one of the largest catchment areas in Brisbane. Its catchment comprises over 110 square kilometres of land in the northern Brisbane suburbs from Ferny Grove in the west to Nudgee in the East. Kedron Brook has many creekside parks, some with picnic facilities and barbecues, and there are also a number of dog off-leash areas. The Brook’s pathways and bikeways meander along much of the length of the brook making it a valuable corridor for cycling free from traffic and exhaust fumes.

Brisbane City Council decided to install 42 x EverGEN SE-20 solar powered LED area lights for use along the Kedron Brook bikeway. According to Councillor Jane Prentice, “Solar lighting is about making our off-road bikeways and pedestrian paths safer, reducing vandalism and graffiti and saving energy for Brisbane.”

The EverGEN lights were selected partly because the pole mounted solar engine keeps all components away from flooding and vandals and yet maintains an attractive and functional design. This has proven to be a good decision as recent flooding would have damaged ground level cabinets. The lights have been installed at locations where safety was paramount, including places like creek crossings, sharp turns and steep inclines.

The first SE20s were installed in 2011 and after proving successful, additional units were installed in 2012. Brisbane City Council had previously worked with other solar lights some of which the SE-20s replaced. The SE-20s have an expected life of over 20 years with maintenance limited to cleaning and battery replacement every 5 years.

The SE-20s were supplied with bird rollers mounted to the top of the solar panel to prevent bird fouling.

Our Suppliers

We have partnered with Carmanah Technologies to offer our customers solar-powered LED outdoor lighting for roadways, parking lots, parks, and other areas. Carmanah and its subsidiary, Sol Inc., have provided solar LED solutions since 1990, and has installed over 75,000 systems in over 60 countries on six continents.

With solar-powered products on the rise internationally, many customers are dissatisfied with improperly sized and low-quality products. Thanks to experienced engineering and manufacturing, Carmanah’s product quality and specifications are among the best in the industry. What makes Carmanah one of the top companies?

  • Premium, quality-tested components for a long-lasting product
  • Customized systems properly configured to each location, ensuring long-term reliability
  • World-class customer support and warranty
As a preferred partner, we have been technically trained and are highly qualified to deliver on Carmanah’s expertise in solar outdoor lighting. We can offer reduced technical and commercial risk, strong local support, and peace of mind.    

Official Carmanah Illumination Partner 2016