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Obstruction Lighting

Safety is the key concern for high towers and placement of solar powered lights on such high structures offers a simple and reliable solution

Relying on Illumination of Hazards is a Given

Simple and self-contained obstruction marking lights provide a range of solutions for marking towers and other obstructions for aerial and ground navigation. Our rugged and wire-free designs are ideally suited to withstand the harsh environments typically encountered in oil and gas development projects, mining operations and other industrial development sites across all regions of the globe. Our lights provide a practical and cost-effective solution for ground hazard marking, fence and barricade lighting, way-finding, railway blue flag protection, equipment marking and more.

Operating in an environment where grid power is not an option is not a problem when it comes to ensuring the safety of aircraft or land based vehicles operating in the vicinity of structural obstacles. Our range of solar LED obstruction lights provide you with reliable illumination without the need for any wiring or other external components all of which have been extensively field proven in the most extreme conditions from the heat of the desert to the cold of the Arctic.

Orion obstruction  lights offer a practical and cost-effective alternative for ground hazard marking, fence and barricade lighting, way-finding, equipment marking and more. Our unique, portable designs ensure lights can be moved safely and easily within minutes - no specialized tooling or dedicated maintenance crews required. All components are housed in rugged, high-grade enclosures to ensure long-term performance at tough industrial locations.

  • No trenching or cabling required
  • No external charging pods required
  • Easy activation and programming through on-board switches or infrared remote
  • Rigorously tested in ambient temperatures from -140 to 60˚C
  • Steady-on or flashing modes (up to 250 flash patterns)
  • Patented energy management systems for consistent performance throughout the calendar year

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Our Suppliers

We have partnered with Carmanah Technologies to offer our customers solar-powered LED outdoor lighting for roadways, parking lots, parks, and other areas. Carmanah and its subsidiary, Sol Inc., have provided solar LED solutions since 1990, and has installed over 75,000 systems in over 60 countries on six continents.

With solar-powered products on the rise internationally, many customers are dissatisfied with improperly sized and low-quality products. Thanks to experienced engineering and manufacturing, Carmanah’s product quality and specifications are among the best in the industry. What makes Carmanah one of the top companies?

  • Premium, quality-tested components for a long-lasting product
  • Customized systems properly configured to each location, ensuring long-term reliability
  • World-class customer support and warranty
As a preferred partner, we have been technically trained and are highly qualified to deliver on Carmanah’s expertise in solar outdoor lighting. We can offer reduced technical and commercial risk, strong local support, and peace of mind.    

Official Carmanah Illumination Partner 2016