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Bonriki Airport Lighting Installed in Record Time

The government of Kiribati placed an order with Orion Solar for a lighting system for Bonriki International Airport on the 1st of May.  Orion handed over the complete system including runway, threshold, taxiway and apron lighting on June 21st, making this one of the fastest implementations of an airport lighting project in the world. The picture above shows a USAF C-17 transport making use of the new lights at Bonriki in July.

Orion is the regional distributor for Carmanah Technologies,  world leaders in self-contained airport lighting able to withstand the harshest conditions and operate independent of electrical infrastructure. As shown by this project, the lighting is easy to install, and requires virtually no maintenance for seven years on average.

Kiribati is now served reliably by two international carriers and local operators can plan for departure from outer islands closer to last light knowing that they are guaranteed a safe arrival at Bonriki.

Thank You Moreton Shire Council

Moreton Shire Council have been a customer of Orion Solar for a number of years and these pictures show a recent installation at Oakey Flat Road. The photograph at the top is interesting in that it shows the solar light is not far away from the electrical grid in the building behind where on-grid street lights can be seen. Because of the buried services between the building and the location of the solar street light, the cost of extending the grid to this location would have been significant, making the option of solar lighting more cost effective. It shows the importance of taking all costs into account when planning street lighting.

The picture below shows our colleagues at Brisbane Power Poles installing the lighting system.



Logan City Council continued to install solar powered lighting solutions sourced from Orion Solar during 2015. These pictures show the pathways at Ewing Park in Woodbridge.

Solar power allows for the installation of public lighting where a reticulated supply is costly or unavailable. Solar lighting also means uninterrupted operation in the event of a power failure, elimination of electricity costs and a reduction in Council’s carbon footprint.


In 2014, Orion supplied solar powered lighting for a Sepak Takraw (kick volleyball) court at Bellevue Park, Park Ridge, Logan. Previous projects included street lighting for country intersections.


Orion’s major supplier, Carmanah Technologies Corp has long been considered the leader in solar LED lighting solutions. Now with Carmanah’s recent acquisition of the Florida company, Sol Inc., they have reinforced that reputation by adding a huge range of products and a customer base spanning the world.

During 2016 you can expect to see many of the Sol products included in Orion Solar’s catalogue. In the meantime please feel free to review Sol’s website at If you see any products and services for which you would like more information please let us know.

Sol has installed over 70,000 innovative and cost-effective solar powered outdoor lighting systems in more than 60 countries on six continents. 


The Garnett Lehmann Park in Toowoomba is a new flood mitigation project which adds to the beauty of the Garden City. Toowoomba City Council have illuminated the pathways in the park with our First Light WLB solar powered bollards.


Bega Valley Shire Council Improves Safety with Solar Lighting

Orion Solar has supplied it's IPL self-contained solar powered LED lights to Bega Valley Shire Council for installation at Tathra Wharf on the NSW coast. With no hardwired power supply at the wharf, solar power was the lowest cost solution and the only one immune to power outages.

The IPL was offered as a pathway light for architectural applications and it is available in a choice of lighting distributions. It is part of the Orion range of outdoor solar lighting which includes lighting for applications from pathways to highways.

The sale was made through their reseller Solar Technology Australia who are based in South Sydney.

Solar Powered Street Lighting Available for Hire

North Queensland users now have access to the Orion EG145 street light on hire. Betta Hire of Townsville have integrated the EG145 with a telescopic pole and a free-standing base which they will deliver to site.

The EG145 is a mid range street light which is capable of producing as much as 5000 lumens, depending upon location and operating profile. The applications for which Betta Hire offer the lights are typically for road work lighting.


For many years, there has been a dangerous intersection where the public road crosses a Dampier Salt haul road in WA. Following discussions with Carnarvon Shire and Main Roads WA, Dampier Salt installed  a railway crossing style warning system which flashes lights when haul trucks approach the intersection. To implement the solution, Dampier Salt called upon Orion Solar to supply a pair of R247C Flashing Beacons, activated by remote under-road sensors.


Our Suppliers

We have partnered with Carmanah Technologies to offer our customers solar-powered LED outdoor lighting for roadways, parking lots, parks, and other areas. Carmanah and its subsidiary, Sol Inc., have provided solar LED solutions since 1990, and has installed over 75,000 systems in over 60 countries on six continents.

With solar-powered products on the rise internationally, many customers are dissatisfied with improperly sized and low-quality products. Thanks to experienced engineering and manufacturing, Carmanah’s product quality and specifications are among the best in the industry. What makes Carmanah one of the top companies?

  • Premium, quality-tested components for a long-lasting product
  • Customized systems properly configured to each location, ensuring long-term reliability
  • World-class customer support and warranty
As a preferred partner, we have been technically trained and are highly qualified to deliver on Carmanah’s expertise in solar outdoor lighting. We can offer reduced technical and commercial risk, strong local support, and peace of mind.    

Official Carmanah Illumination Partner 2016